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Projects Development - 2017

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Our vision is to create a people-powered new economy decentralized financial services ensuring both in stability investments and aggressive investments linked to market fluctuations and fueling the collateral needed for future projects and at the same time create an ecosystem for developers to utilize our web projects.


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Communicate straight to the blockchain within the web

User Friendly

Our web app will be extremely easy to use, you'll buy gold as never before.

Fast Execution

We developed our app inside the Ethereum Blockchain that is much faster than Bitcoin.

Crypto Secure

Every transaction, any acccount is crypto secure inside the blockchain of Ethereum.

Anonymous Access

Everything is public but there are no personal credentials, only hash numbers as key reference.

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Share your music for free, Dreammy is one of the best cloud services on the web. Connect with artists, explore new content, thousands of new users are waiting for you!

Upload your Music

Take all your best production songs and easily upload it on our server.

1 GB of Space for Free

You have 1 Gigabyte of free space for your songs.

Add a Video to your Sound

You can use this feature to combine a YouTube video with your song.

No Registration Required

You can listen any song as guest.


Fetching all the major news around the web to keep you always update with the music you love

All the Music News

We fetch all the news about music around the web.

Always Updated

We are always alert to the news 24Hrs. every day.

Independent Artists Promotion

We have different products to promote famous as well as emerging artists.


Every post has public comments field available at the bottom.


Spotix is the best way to enjoy your music, playlist radio a huge library with almost all the music in the world and watch related videoclips

Watch any Video of the Music you Love

A huge amount of videomusic, just search and you'll find everything.

Create your Playlists

Order all your albums and favorite music in playlists.

Start a Radio of any Artist

Start a radio is the best choice for found unknown music you'll love.

No Registration Required

Everything is free for anyone as guest.

Claudia's Secrets

Claudia's Secrets

Vegan Recipes with Claudia

Over 100 Vegan Recipes

Lot of amazing taste recipes lovely explained by Claudia.

Vegan Blog

Vegan news spread across the web.

Test of the Day

We have reviewed different vegan products.

Beautiful Pictures

Thousands of beautiful pictures to immerse yourself in the magic vegan world of Claudia.


Excited to Develop new Web Technologies

Simone Orso
Biella, Italy

Simone Orso


Simone is a top full-stack developer with more than 15 years of experience working in a variety of projects.
Prior to founding Dreammy™, Simone worked (2009-2012)as a Management Consultant at Sungold Srl. Sungold's main mission was to accelerate the adoption of solar energy globally by automating the design and engineering for large scale solar projects.

Claudia Busato
Biella, Italy

Claudia Busato


Business consultant with a Bocconi master's degree in marketing and communication.
Since 2014 co-founder of Dreammy™ that mainly deals with developing new technologies and services applied to the Internet.
Since June 2017 co-founder and creator of Karatcoin™ virtual currency linked to physical gold active in the Ethereum Blockchain.
The main activities and skills are direct communication and negotiation with customers interested in commercial deals, business relationships with financial institutions, investigation of business opportunities, talent scouting and start-ups. Active mainly in the real estate and renewable energy sectors.

Jimmy Song
Austin, United States

Jimmy is a top full-stack developer with more than 18 years of experience working in a variety of industries.

Chris Wagner
Toronto, Canada

Chris has over fifteen years of experience developing software, with over a dozen focused around web technologies.

Andras Fuchs
Kecskemét, Hungary

Microsoft Certified .NET application developer and technical consultant with extensive experience in various business fields.

Francesco Valentino
Turin, Italy

Software engineering generalist currently specializing in Node.js.

Pierre Aramin
Turin, Italy

Senior Software Engineer and Community Leader.

Matthew Keas
Houston, United States

Matthew lives to solve problems, and he contributes actively to open source and community projects.

Jeremy Greer
Mexico Beach, United States

Jeremy is a senior software engineer with a passion for modern JavaScript client and server-side as React.

Michael Burns
San Francisco, United States

Brand Storyteller/Digital Marketing Strategist for Challengers and Disruptors.

About Us

Experienced and Enthusiastic Team.

We are an experienced and enthusiastic team of who are ready to make this project a reality. The Dreammy team brings together a unique collection of experts across HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, mobile technology, and broad scale consumer app development that has built multiple award-winning applications.

Blockchain 100%
100% Complete
Solidity 40%
70% Complete
React JS 90%
90% Complete
Serverless 70%
90% Complete

Design. Record. Publish.

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We design and produce beautiful animated videos using latest technologies. We bring cinema quality video to business. We take a different approach to video production and put your goals at the centre of our process. We specialise in engaging and effective videos. Whether it’s bringing your product to life, showing how technology works, covering a music event or making a company profile video, we just get the job done.


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